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$19.99 a day, $119.99 a week, $399 a month

$299 Move-in Special 

Free WiFi

Fully Furnished

Free Parking

Airport Transfers

Cleaning Services

"ROOMSHARE- Urban Co-living Lodging in Dallas and  Houston, Texas"

Co-living is a New Millennial Social Movement, creating a new hospitality standard. ROOMSHARE provides a unique shared space that offers all the accommodations of a home. People from all walks of life, co-living and networking in an environment that creates unlimited possibilities.


Why book with us...


  • Great Urban Attractions within 10 minutes

  • Most affordable lodging in Montgomery County or Dallas County

  • Transport to various attraction locations

  • All of the amenities of a private home

People say the nicest things… 


Before you write off the idea of staying in a dorm past the age of 22, you may want to take a look at these new co-living arrangements popping up around the world.


— Deanna Ting




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